Ti Oluwa Nile

Ti Oluwa Nile

In Ti Oluwa Nile, a classic Yoruba movie by Mainframe Movies, a clique of land speculators enlisted the help of a traditional chief to fraudulently sell ancestral land to a business man. The community resisted and took the case to a law court. But then, in retribution, the culprits start dying one after the other in bizarre circumstances suggesting that they are linked in a chain of death. Ti Oluwa Nile suggests that the traditional religion has provided for environmental conservation by placing taboos on land and forests and encourage humans to co-habit with nature.

Ti Oluwa Nile Features

Kareem Adepoju, Kayode Olaiya,
Dele Odule, Gbolagade Akinpelu,
Lere Paimo, Bolatito Ogunsola,
Yemi Shodimu, Tafa Oloyede,
Bimpe Adekola, Golda John,
Modupe Johnson, Dento,
Grace Oyin Adejobi,
Oluwole Adedeji,
Tola Oladokun,

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